Monday, July 14, 2008

July Commit2Paper!!!

Piggy Tales Chicken Little Collection was loads of fun to work with!!! I like the kind of paper where after I've cut into it a bit and have scraps I can just take the scraps throw them down and it looks great!

This was just a silly day having fun. Sheldon leaned down and is peaking out under the root, which is hard to see here I'm sure. Kit comes with AC Thickers Prancer, white. I dabbed an ink pad on the letters, like how they turned out.

Love those AC Thickers cardboard shapes in the kit, make great journaling blocks.

LOL, I've had these pics just waiting and here's the paper! Plus a clear bird that was a rak from Barbara. Added Cricut letters.

Josh naturally! Pretty simple, but I did edge the letters with gold marker and journaling in the Barn Door - those are kewl!!

BETSIE!!! Ping Pong champion of Georgia, put this layout together while she was here visiting and I put a pic of us Georgia Peaches!

Scrappy time

With all the work around the house, I still managed to get a few layouts done. I'm at work right now so you'll have to wait. Used my WONDERFUL Commit2Paper kit. Really like the combination of patterns.

Sorry to be such a tease but it was dark when I finished so I'll get pics tonight.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay, enough Politics. If you want more of my wanderings about that, I do have another blog. If you get easily offended don't ask, but if you'd like to partake, let me know.

Now back to scrapping and artistic endeavors. Did ya see the new TVWeekly webisode? It's all about atc's, kewl!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barack has gotta go!

Sorry, but his kind of change we cannot afford. His bright idea of taxing the so-called rich even more than they already pay will cost you and I our jobs!!! Small business owners all over the nation are already drafting plans to cut back on their employees should Obama get his new tax strategy in place.

Read for yourself:

Plus do you know he wants the US to contribute $13 trillion (look closely, that's a T) to the United Nations new plan to eliminate povery world wide.

The Republicans let us down big time in the last go around but the democrats will throw us all under the bus cause that's how they get their votes. "Vote for me I'll cut your taxes", course you won't have a job.....

Keep one thing in mind people. The Government does NOT subsidize or pay anything! WE DO. Every time some politician (who does not participate in our social security program by the way) comes up with some clever benefit for us, usually those already not paying any taxes to begin with, the money has to come from somewhere. I want them out of my pocket.