Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some old Josh pics!!

Dug into the March Commit2Paper kit and have one layout so far. I'll do a repost of all five later.

Sheldon has a bunch of pictures of Josh from before my time, super cute and remind Sheldon of a time when he was everything to the little guy.

The button is for hidden journaling for Sheldon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Commit2Paper Feb 2010 kit & a SALE!!!

Little Yellow Bicycle! Oh yes, it's Valentine's Day goodies, so grab your sweetie, smile, say cheese and click away cause you are gonna need some pics to go with this sweet kit.

Shimmery patterned papers, Thickers, great rubons (three sheets) and a TON of glittered acetate additions for your pages.

Oh and OSU ladies, the Maya Road "Bird With Cage" stamp in one of Chere's offerings a few months back is a PERFECT match to this kit! You see it in the "Love 2 Melt Ice" layout below. I stamped the cage, embossed with platinum (probably from SG) and then stamped the bird. Ink wipes right off the embossing. Kewl!

Sheldon loved this card! I wrote a little lovely for the inside, you can see that on the next layout.

Since Chinese New Years and Valentine's was on the same day, we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and then went shopping.

Is that not the cutest face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that cat. Did a little doodling here (just for Kylie).

Aren't they cute! Josh & Crystal. See my little bird in a cage?

Caroline is such a cutie. Should have printed the pics bigger though.

OH the sale, almost forgot! Amy at Commit2Paper is having a sale! From now until the end of March 2010, all kits from the dawn of C2P until 12/2009 will be $10 a piece. And special rates on shipping too. Go here and start shopping. (psssttt most of the kit pics are mine hehehe just had to give myself a little pat on the back there)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ribbon Redo

My ribbon reorganization is over!!!

This is where I started but actually the red/pink drawer is after I had pulled out what I was giving away, cause I was having trouble just closing that drawer. These are not Sterilite drawers either, they are Everyday Living which are a little longer and deeper.

This is what was pulled out to ship off to five of my friends, hope they are enjoying.

And voila!!! Ain't it great! Used two sizes of Cropper Hopper embellishment boxes, the mini square and cube. Wanted the mini squared which is a middle size but I think they have quit making them. However I had some small boxes I got from Harbor Freight that were close so I put them to use.

I know what you are thinking, "but joyce they aren't sorted by shade in each drawer".

Okay bite me! I am tired of looking at it and want to go back to scrapping stuff for now. So maybe later. Maybe.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clearing out more "In Progress" items

Yes I'm just now getting back to Josh's baseball years. Remember this kit SG Ladies? 3BugsInARug, I think from March 2007? "Playball" I did back then, but wanted to put it here with the "Opening Day". More to come, you may get sick of this kit, cause the whole series, 11 layouts all together, will be this!!! Already have it planned out and yes I have enough. Must have ordered extra. Figures huh?

Two layouts of the same event, done about 3.5 years apart. "Opening Day" is a little plain, think I may add something but for now, on to the team pics.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well Kylie & Wendrie have guilt tripped us into revealing our paper stash.

That shelf is five foot, but I must say there are some embellies mixed in with some of the "In Progress" folders. Course one of them is on my desk, that is the one blank space you might see if you look close. But on the shelf under the paper, see those two blue pizza boxes on the left? They are full, one is all Chatterbox and the other is stuff I'm collecting for a clear album project. So it's not a solid five feet...

5feet of paper

This is overflow, mostly C2P kits.
Commit2Paper ktis

The above is why I keep it covered.

This is 8.5 x 11, in hanging folders, looks like 8 inches of that.
Paper letter size

So now I have exposed myself to the world! Or to the few people that visit my blog.