Friday, August 29, 2008


Go Sarah Palin!!! This is going to be a fun election after all.

Maybe we have a chance of keeping that socialist out of office!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Challenge! Prizes

Ya gotta check this out and get your layouts in! Commit2Paper is doing challenges and giving away goodies.

Oh and guess who is one of the Judges???? bwaaaaahhhhh

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Da Birds

I've been taking several pictures of this layout and can't seem to get it right, will try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, I embossed two pieces of the gray cs with a leaf vein pattern, then smeared Inkabilities over it, it's a little more smudgy than I would like. I took pics of all the signs at the zoo so I'd remember what these critters were and I thought well why not put "signs" on my layouts! So I cut them out, stuck on a "pole". Added some bling and silver ribbon, altered the letters with a yellow souffle pen.

Okay, this picture might be a little better, at least the color is.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My zoo layouts!

I ended up with 336 pictures. Now I know I can't scrap them all (or can I?), but even if I just scrap 10% well that's an album in itself. So heres the cover page. Let the pamphlet be the title. Loving this Commit2Paper kit, the SEI Poppy line is so textural, lots of embossed and debossed images, glimmer areas and the cut outs are really cute!

Kept the opening page fairly simple, just added some plastic flower shapes, can't remember where I got those. Also added a bling dragonfly and a Maya Road sheer for journaling along with a few brads.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sept C2P Kit!!!

Okay, you gotta get this one, it is GAWGEOUS!!!!

I took several pics to try to catch all the shiny parts.

SEI Poppy Lline, double sided. Can't wait to dig into this one!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back!

Did ya miss me?

Look what followed me home!
Whew I'm almost glad to be home! Tired puppies we are. Columbia Zoo, Botanical Gardens, South Carolina State Museum and lots of food.

I'll be sharing with ya but not all at once! Oh have I ever mentioned I've never been to Hobby Lobby?

Well of course I got it in pics! Poor Sheldon...

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm off!

To the zoo that is!

See ya'll when we get back.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did you know Kylie doesn't like surprises???

Well we found that out!! Bobbie is still being called bad names.

Kylie rak'd me some of the July SG kit (thank you hun) and I added a blue coredinations which I sanded all over, looks like denim. Used the long stamp for the title and sanded over that. In fact this whole layout went completely distressed so much so, that I printed the photos on plain paper and inked them all up! The flower is a rak from RobinG and I used white ink on it to make it look even more distressed. This looks really kewl IRL, not sure if it'll translate well here.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just hanging out waiting for the fireworks to start, lots of weird people to look at...

Thanks to Betsie for these papers, wtriped ribbon and cb that I used ep on. Just love that star lacy cardstock.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Beetsie" card

I have to share this card with you guys, it is awesome! Hey Bets, post and tell us about the details.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mental Block and Loss of Mojo

How many times have we heard that? How many times have we SAID it? During 2007 I had set myself goals of joining a bunch of swaps, getting on another Design Team or two, doing some scrapping for hire and just generally setting myself up for a fall!!!

Sure enough, I got behind on swaps, started stressing out, which killed my mojo pretty much keeping me from doing the very thing I needed to do to get caught up! And instead of scrapping what I wanted, I was doing what I thought "the masses" wanted to see with the kits I was working with.

I'm not sure how much longer my sanity would have survived if something awful hadn't happened. And what was that? I was turned down for DT on ScrapGoods. Oh my, was I ever upset!!!! Sheldon was worried, Bobbie was worried, Kylie was worried. Heck "I" was worried. SNAP out of it!

Well, that gave me a bit of time to get caught up on swapping commitments.

What is this? I can breathe? I have time? Hey, I can scrap what I want to!!!! What a concept! Only one commitment to my beloved Commit2Paper. I can handle that! And no more swaps for awhile, well except for the Round Robin ATC but that is one little atc, no biggy, and I do love atcs.

It's amazing! How many times have I said careful what you wish for! Now I can say without a doubt, I am SOOOOO glad I did NOT make that design team. Love SG, but with all those new things I see the very talented ladies doing every week, no thanks, don't need that pressure. I am back to scrapping for me (and a little for Amy). And that's another funny, the C2P kits have been so different that I find myself actually scrapping the pics I want to anyway!

Well in case anyone was wondering about my mind set lately: I am okee dokee fine!

With that said, lookee! Loved playing with the inks and yeah I know I've already scrapped that pic, tough.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well I can't get into ScrapGoods at the moment so lucky you, I'll post it here. Using the current technique with the inks (Posh Inkabilities) I freeform drew a flag onto black cardstock, inked the back of a Maya Road sheer, then using the corner of the sponge, made some scattered stars.

Some more of Craigs wonderful photography. This was an AWESOME Fireworks display!!!!!!!!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 08 Commit2Paper

Or maybe I should call it Augusta C2P since they are ALL about our crazy time here in Augusta for July 4th weekend!!! Big thanks to Craig, Kylie, Bobbie and Betsie for use of their pictures!

We went to our River Walk area and Betsie dragged me kicking and screaming into this fountain!!!!!! Can you believe she did that? Well, I did have my shoes off and was gonna get wet too..... Sheldon ran. Hmmmmm, how did Bobbie get out of this? Kylie just a dancing away!

This picture cracks me up! Added some stickles to the title and a journaling sheet from Creative Imaginations.

Don't ya love Betsie's new look??? LOL late night scrapping and listening to country music.
Does that layout look familiar?

I think this might just be the highlight was playing with Craig's camera making these awesome effects. Turned out Sheldon has the best handwriting with a sparkler, he did "Friends" in a separate exposure and Craig did his magic to combine them. This layout is kinda simple but had lots of pics to get in.

This may be my fav lo from this kit. Seems like every where we went we started something!!! Hmmm and it was usually Betsie....

And I cannot believe how much of this kit I have left! Just decided to put together a couple of sketches I picked up out of Scrapbooks etc. and then decided which pics would go best. Just something different for a different July 4th celebration!

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wheeee I'm on a roll!

Have five layouts spread across my table, all the pieces, pictures printing as I type, now the fun part, putting all the pieces together and deciding at what point to STOP!!! LOL

Oh and shoot I just realized I have the C2P kit all cut up before I took a pic of the kit itself! OH NO. I'll see if I can bum a file from someone to post here. You can click on

to see it too!

Back later....

Thanks to Amy, here's a pic of the unadulterated kit:

I've tried something different this time, went through the papers, pulled a couple sketches out and went to cutting and pasting BEFORE getting my pics all pulled together. And with two layouts down, this is actually working out pretty well!!! They look great and are in a different feel than my usual.

back later again

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bad blogger bad!!!

Yeah I know Bets I've been neglecting this baby. And the other one too!!! But it's been updated and now a bit for here.

Been working on the Charm Swap for SG. If you are in this swap and want to be surprised, stop reading!!!

Borrowed an idea from the justsimplycharming website. Used glossy paper, alcohol inks, cut into 1" squares and pressed those into copper colored polymer clay so that there is a bit of a well. Baked it, then filled the well with liquid glaze. Took two days for that much glaze to dry clear but it really intensified the colors of the alcohol inks! Oh and be sure to let the paper with ink dry completely before sticking in the oven as it could be flammable (duh).

Then I took several beads onto an eyehook pin, wrapped the end into another loop. Now I just need jump rings to combine them right? Can't find a single gold jump ring in all this stash!!! And no I don't make my own, they never work right for me.

So it's off to Michaels tomorrow for a $1.99 bag of jump rings to finish this project. Anyone wanna take a bet whether I can get out of there for just $1.99???? No, didn't think so.

I'll post pics tomorrow. Back to working on my commit2paper layouts!!!