Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh no!

...sigh.... sigh.... ScrapGoods is down.... till Sunday morning...... so I started a mass email to the crazies that I have their addy!!! Those are always fun.

I had helped Sheldon put together my table top and it looks gorgeous!!! That was about last Sunday I think. We've had "issues" since then so he just got back to it yesterday. So the top is oak with a cinnamon stain and the edging is brazillian cherry! It'll have storage under both ends, one open and doors on the other.

As soon as I can, pictures will be posted!

Have lots of pics to use with my Commit2Paper kit so am anxiously awaiting that arrival!

Funny thing, I received a package in the mail from SBTO but I didn't order anything????!! With a note that says "It's me"! Any ideas?

Friday, March 21, 2008


Okay we get out of here at 2, boss loaded us up with Krispy Kreme, there goes THAT diet!!! No, I didn't turn them down are you crazy?

Sheldon is off to an interview, cross your fingers. It's just something to keep some dough coming in but will give him time to look for something better. Maybe I'll still get to go to the Southeast SG Retreat (it's looking a little iffy). Really worried about Linda, hope her DH or her find something soon, she sounds so bad, but I can't think of how to help.

Want to do one more layout with the ScrapGoods March Mitreing kit, finish my atcs (sorry Kathy) and then anxiously await my Commit2Paper kit!!! I took 45 pics when Josh and Crystal were here, have to narrow those down. OH forgot to ask Amy how many layouts she wants this month..... I think I have plenty to work with.

Yay, Duncan doing better!

Okay, have I rambled enough???

back later

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wrapping up March SG kit

Love love love the mitreing!!!

These old pics of Reds scan so nicely and make great subjects for scrapping. I think Sheldon really likes seeing these on my pages so that is good enough for me!

We have noticed in these, that Red had a habit of being where the cute girls are, hmmmm.

Grabbed some scraps and hand cut a heart out of the grungeboard, smeared it with gold paint for a quick card. Need to add more to it but have to decide how it'll be used first.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I gotta put this here! Sheldon and I both freaked when we found these pictures of Red during his 'acting' stage of his life. Too kewl. Hope to get more up, still doing some research. Used the March 2008 SG mitering kit.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Okay! Are you ready????

Why have I been so secretive? What am I up to?

Well there is a new scrapbook kit club in town. Small but exciting and guess what?

They asked ME to be on their Inspiration Squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE being in on the ground floor! Wanna see?

I'm under Inspiration Squad! Keep an eye out for us!

Such a tease

all you lovelies enjoying trying to coerce me into telling you the big news? Or pretending I'm pregnant? (thanks Tara!!)

Well more and more steps are coming into play, so soon, very soon....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A little more Sheldon art and my office at work.

Had to take a photo of this piece I have hanging in my office at work. Hangs over my bookcase. Really love this and had it professionally framed.

And this is my office at work, just moved into it so still pretty stark. The window looks into my "record retention" area. Plan on putting some sort of curtin or blinds there. The wall to the left that you can't see is one big blank wall with just a 6 foot long credenza. Over the credenza I plan on hanging my favorite layouts in frames as I can find them. Gee my desk is messy.

Click on these, they blow up pretty good.

I think I may have FINALLY settled my mind on how to finish my room. Poor Sheldon, I keep changing my mind and he can't continue without my final design!

Have to get it ready though, cause I have BIG plans for this space. Keep an eye peeled here for a SPECIAL announcement.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some more Sheldon art...

No it wasn't me, it was a model!!!

Sheldon's Art

Did I ever tell you guys that Sheldon attended the Art Institute of Atlanta? Here is a picture of Norma Jean that I'm sure you've seen before BUT here's the difference. Sheldon did this pencil image of the photo one square inch at a time with the photo in front of him upside down. How's that for working your left and right side of your brain!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Swap Kit Layouts

Our dear friend RobinG pulled out these papers and we all sent in pieces to use in a swap, then we had to make one layout each kit using at least one piece from everyone elses supplies sent in. Did I just ramble that explanation? Anyway, here are my layouts.

This old "Memory Book" at the Augusta Museum grabbed my scrapbooking eye and thought this paper was perfect for it's layout! Had fun with the ring, which was plain then double stamped.

And isn't this too sweet!!! My Minds Eye, Robin's fav of course. Had to use white cs which was part of the kit but thought it a bit stark for this so inked it up for behind the title. Wish you could see it IRL, still working on my photographing of layouts.

So watcha think?