Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My full clip it up

Well the top tier has a little room on it, but I'm out of clips!!! Just to keep Kylie from feeling so bad.

Although I should shoot her for posting that Clip-It-Up makes an extension for the top! That is exactly what I've been saying I need, now I'll have to get it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June Commit2Paper kit!!!

October 2007 Scrapbooking Retreat & Coastline Jaunts

I could not believe I had this many unscrapped pics from my California trip in 2007! And I'm not done!

Took a different approach this month. Divided my pics up into 5 stacks (thinned them out as I went). On each stack I put cardstock, then pp. Put just those three things together on each page and then set aside. Then on each one I tossed what embellies I would use and stamps. Ended up not using any stamps, hmmmm, wish I had. Went through each putting embellies. Spread all five out one last time to see if I should add more, which I did (LOL) and then some penwork/journaling. Guess you'd call that assembly line scrapbooking.

Kinda like the way they turned out and I had TONS of paper left. Ended up with another layout, a double, may finish that and put here in a bit.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fuzzy Butt Productions presents....

Princess and the Star!!! Hope this works, just got a new camera and Sheldon discovered the video mode.

Yes that is Patches being her Princessy self, totally ignoring all around her... until she wants something.

And Star - look at his eyes when he looks directly at the camera! AWESOME!!!

I would take a video of Yoda... but he moves so very little, well, you'd think it was a still and I KNOW you've seen enough of those LOL!