Friday, December 28, 2007

Tired of being sicky

Well as dear Linda pointed out I'm behind in my postings. But I really have been sick! And I promise, no more political "crap". For now (LOL!).

Anyway, had a great time with Josh and Crystal for Christmas (week before). They then flew to Texas to have Christmas with her Dad. He also had a proposal he wanted to discuss with them. I guess his company will pay tuition for engineering students and then give them a job right out of college, Josh is already going for architecture so this would fit in nicely he thinks. They would be gone for awhile but I think that would be could for them to get away from Josh's mom and kinda be on their own for the first time. I imagine (or hope) they would eventually move back to Georgia. We'll see how that goes! Still no date set for the big event.

Cold on it's way back out and BOY will I be glad, ugh!

Oh, and I became a great aunt again! Can't show you the layout yet cause that is what my Scraplift Challenge for December is about.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie

Countdown. Like it's going to be any better afterward? Obama might have had a chance but I really think he'll lose more votes and campaign funds by sticking with Oprah, bad move.

Edwards would already have us at war (yes the war word) with Korea.

Clinton please!!! Ugh

And CIA tapes being destroyed is bad but need we remind Nancy Pelosi that she was quoted as asking if waterboarding was going to be strong enough.....

Okay, just had to rib my Cuz a little! In all truth, they all suck. Term limits, no more professional politicians, Fair Tax and Privatization of retirement funds. That's what I want.

Love ya Cuz!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Okay okay

Thank you Ruth for reminding me!

Sheldon has been fighting with our network to get his computer up and so I have been without internet access off and on for DAYS!!! Drive me crazy. Plus been a little under the weather.


Had to put off emptying out my sb room cause Josh and Crystal are coming up for Christmas next weekend. They will be going to Texas to see her dad after that, so it's now or New Year's! Now, what to get a future DIL......

But I did go through and sort out three older SG kits from the BBB's into my stash, took the last three kits out of BBB's and put in CH envies to make more room. And found a new use for the priority/flat rate boxes: cut top out and half of one side to hold the Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter kits from my SG buddies! I can leave the kits in their baggies but the box holds each group up neatly next to the CH's holding my regular paper! Looks so much neater and they don't flop over when I pull a group out anymore, that was really getting on my nerves. Was actually considering going back to the tray system... till I came up with that idea. The baggies keep the kits from fitting into regular CH holders, but this works great. Might have to take a pic and post here.

Also finally got the Swapmart goodies put away in their proper spots. Great bunch of goodies, very little to go back in a future swap box. And quite a few baby items for Missy Caroline's album (yes they finally named her).

And here she is!

Pulled out what I wanted to keep from the Red Robin box and found some rubons that Kylie ought to like. If you read this K, go through the paper real carefully, stuck the rubons in between sheets of paper to keep them from getting scratched. I kept three of the daubers and two of the inks (Distress inks !!!). Pulled all my fibers out and put in that box so glad to get rid of those hope someone likes them. Filled it up with a bunch of other goodies, thought I was making it smaller but now it's worse than when I opened it!!!! Oh dear. Getting it in the mail....

What else? Oh yeah, have the Scrapbook Takeout goodies, loving those. All black & white, think I'll do another b&w layout, really liked how the last one turned out. I'll post a pic here later, SG buds know the one: "I'm so freaking awesome" LOL!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Annual Company shindig

Yeah, whoopie, it's going to be catered in to our showroom. Going to lock the front door but people will still manage to sneak in. What happened to the years when he would take us to a concert and dinner. Or to the Pinnacle Club for cocktails, dinner and the best view of Riverfront in town!

Now, it's not that I'm stingy but it just reflects how little we are valued the longer we stay here. Sheldon has definitely said he'll be gone after the Holidays.

Oh but Josh and Crystal are coming up next week!

I really have to get some pics posted here....

back later

Just remembered

I was never very good at keeping a diary either! HELP you guys, send me a reminder if I don't post here.

Ok, now to my thoughts. I have once again received some cute little email message about "remember the reason for the season". Enough already. If I want to say Happy Holidays and you want to say Merry Christmas that is up to you! Leave me to my way of expression! It really doesn't diminish your celebration at all if I don't. Or if KMart wants to sell Holiday Trees WHO CARES!!! It's getting ridiculous. Political correctness in disguise this time! Don't be sucked in by the oh so subtle brain washing. The way other people celebrate holidays or live their lives has absolutely no reflection on you. So if you want to do the whole religious thing do it! If you don't like homosexual marriages, don't marry one! It really does not have any affect whatsoever on your life.

I support your right to believe what and how you want, as long as no one is physically hurt or it doesn't come out of my pocket. Hell, I'll even fight for your right if I have to! Would you fight for mine?

This time of year to me represents the one time when the world can stop hating (for the most part) at least for a season. If the world can do that just for a short while, then eventually we can have more and more peace. That is what I celebrate.

Well now that I have totally shocked everyone, just remember that I do respect you and your beliefs. I just ask that you respect mine.

And I got my SG December kit today. I'm so sad I can't even get excited about it.....

Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekend Crop!!! Yippee

SOOOO ready for Friday, counting down the hours. Don't know about you guys but this has been a draining week.

Bobbie's planning her 50th Birthday Party ain't that a hoot! LOVE IT, can't wait to go. Next year ought to be exciting, SG get together in Florida for April and par-tah in Oregon for Sept! Sheldon's birthday is the 8th, maybe we'll make it a double! Guess I better see if the scrubbies are invited!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh joy the peanut gallery found me!!!

HA, gotcha! Do I really have to do month end crap? Emma, come do it for me... whine....

Would much rather have spent the day getting my blog set up, it's just kinda an empty space. Not really digging the color scheme, and have to put all you crazies in My Friends section. A lot of work goes into setting these things up! But kinda fun too.

Hmmm checking my lottery numbers,,,, nope, can't buy SG yet. I'll let ya know.

In the world of scrapping, all ornaments are in and starting to go back out, internationals first. Having trouble getting motivated (gee wonder why the hell that is) to work on my cards, so just gonna finish the ones in pieces on table and (gasp) buy cards for the rest. If you ladies are nice you might get the pretty ones!!!

Gonna put off clearing out room so I can play with Jodi and all you croppers this weekend. THEN I still have to put up my Tree! Yeah, Joyce thought you were going to do that for Thanksgiving, oh well, got sidetracked.

Then empty the room and get DH working on it I"M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My first dip in the pool!

A blog? Me a blogger, THIS could be a problem. For the world. Are you ready?