Friday, December 28, 2007

Tired of being sicky

Well as dear Linda pointed out I'm behind in my postings. But I really have been sick! And I promise, no more political "crap". For now (LOL!).

Anyway, had a great time with Josh and Crystal for Christmas (week before). They then flew to Texas to have Christmas with her Dad. He also had a proposal he wanted to discuss with them. I guess his company will pay tuition for engineering students and then give them a job right out of college, Josh is already going for architecture so this would fit in nicely he thinks. They would be gone for awhile but I think that would be could for them to get away from Josh's mom and kinda be on their own for the first time. I imagine (or hope) they would eventually move back to Georgia. We'll see how that goes! Still no date set for the big event.

Cold on it's way back out and BOY will I be glad, ugh!

Oh, and I became a great aunt again! Can't show you the layout yet cause that is what my Scraplift Challenge for December is about.


bobbie said...

Hey, Cuz ~ you've changed your look!! Feel better soon... That's cool about the opportunity for Josh ~ I'm sending good thoughts!

Auntie Em said...

Yeah I'm not a 100% sure of this one either but I'll keep trying till I find one I like. Oh who am I kidding? My hair keeps changing colors I'll never be happy with it! So just check back here often for "what was she thinking?".

ladynurse4 said...

yeah, thanks for noticing the layout!

kT said...

alright joyce...time for you to update.

Nina said...

Hope you're feeling better!