Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hump Day!

Floor is DONE!!! Sheldon is installing the trim as we speak, I'll get pics up later.

Have been spending some time at LRS, SoML and a few others for possible second kit clubs. Really cool stuff out there, not many with techniques but a few.

Talk is up at ScrapGoods about the new Design Team, who's going to try out and all. I haven't decided is I want to try again. Two years in a row was absolutely amazing to me, three would blow my mind!

The drama over there during the past year, year and a half maybe, has drained me emotionally. Three major blowups and it seems to always be the same people in the middle. They manage to twist it to look like everyone elses fault except them. And pull in newbies to "align" themselves, while at the same time telling people not to "align" with me. Give it a rest. No one needs to align with me. I speak for myself and my friends speak for themselves. But I will point it out if there are out and out malicious attacks, that's different. Can't believe no one wants to put a stop to it. "Avoid conflict". Well I have never found that avoiding something eliminates it. But I guess the next blowup will tell the tale. Unfortunately, I'm quite sure there will be.

But I still have LOTS of good buds there and man oh man is that a talented bunch! I really have to put on my best sb hat to keep up with them! Oh and LizE is thinking about trying for DT, Liz if you are lurking here I say GO FOR IT!!!

Later dudettes.


bobbie said...


kT said...

I agree with you. I might consider rolling heads. But then again i'm also considering a move away from SG...i'd love to be a on design team. I'm just not sure that's the one. And i need more time in the day to get it done.

Auntie Em said...

yeah I fer sure would want to get on a team it's so FUN!!!