Wednesday, May 21, 2008

June Commit2Paper kit!!!

Too kewl, just what I needed to kick me in the pants and work on my BOM!!!

Here's the big picture:

These are the patterned papers up lose, Prima's Steel Toe Mary Jane Collection, two sheets each.

AND the yummy cardstock, pretty pretty ribbon, buttons, photo corners, very cool cardstock embellies to go with the set AND Thickers!!! I am getting more and more addicted to Thickers. Go to and get your kit!!! Tell Amy that Joyce sent ya.


Ruth said...

Hummm, I got the May kit & love it. I may have to break down & get this one, too. So many kits, so little time ;-)

amy said...

i thought i would burn out on thickers but it hasnt happened yet. i am sure i'll move away from them but i love the idea of including alphas in the kits...

excellent for people like me who have a machine but are too L.A.Z.Y. to actually pull it out to use it.

you always take the greatest pics of the kits!

(how come you dont have a link to my blog in your links or a logo like katy and aleta have? i know you visit the blog enough!)

kT said...

GAH! i love it. i'm so jealous. i won't get mine until tomorrow when i get to FL to visit the queen c2p bee herself. EXCITING!

ps. i'll help you set up the link logo in your blog if you want help!

Auntie Em said...

HUH? There is a link, over to the right. Now you have me worried, gonna go check it. But yeah a logo would be nice !!!

Auntie Em said...

Oh and yes the Cricut, etc. are cool but the Thickers are so, well, thick! I like dimensional pages. My albums are way too bulky.