Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank Prez!

You going to tax all those evil rich so that they won't produce any new jobs.

You going to tax all the oil companies and add more excise tax on anything coming out of the Gulf of Mexico so we can forget about reducing our dependence on foreign oil while developing new energy sources.

You going to tax companies so that the owners decide hey this is no longer worth it and they just take their profits, retire and let everyone go.

You change the COBRA rules so that companies that are actually offering insurance to their employees have to pay 2/3 of the premium when they let go or lay off someone. Oh I am SO sure that will encourage companies to consider having insurance in the future NOT.

You going to change this wonderful, glorious, not perfect but still the best in the world, country into a socialist state.

Thanks much and all you liberals thanks for voting this destroyer into office.


Auntie Em said...

And an economic certainty the Dems fail to remember: corporations don't pay taxes, they increase their prices.

Add thanks for the inflation to the list.

Auntie Em said...

This is what I'm talking about:

1) On households making more than $250,000:

$338 billion from turning back the Bush tax cuts.

$179 billlion by reducing the limits on itemized deductions

$118 billion by increasing capital gains taxes

Total: $636 billion/10 years

2) On evil businesses:

$17 billion comes from bringing back the Superfund taxes

$5.3 billion from excise tax increases on Gulf of Mexico oil and gas

$3.4 billion from repealing the expensing of tangible drilling costs

$62 million from repealing the deductions for tertiary injectants

$49 million from repealing passive loss exceptions for working interests in oil and natural gas properties

$13 billion by repealing manufacturing tax deductions for oil and natural gas companies

$1 billion by increasing to 7 years geological and geophysical amortization period for independent producers

Geri said...

I take it you aren't pleased with King Obama today?

Auntie Em said...

LOL Geri!!! Hmmmm what makes you think that?

Scrappy said...

We were talking about this last night! With that tax going into affect for those over $250K a year a lot of the people that were affected by that who made $260K were going to just donate $10K to charity, well American Idol Pop Man decided what chariites they could donate too! I HATE HIM!!!!!Sorry for those that like him, but he is going to fuck us up so much!Oh, no we don't make $250K a year (or even close) and yes the slowing economy has affected us,HOWEVER I am not willing to lose my freedom and ability to choose to "save" us.

Auntie Em said...

Tell us what charities??? See, I missed that one, thanks I'll have to go look that up.

Even for those of us not making $250k, we will get hit I don't care what he says. All those extra taxes are just going to get added to the price of goods, so here comes inflation. Especially on gasoline.

There was one simple idea put forth that would have made this economy turn around in a snap: drill here, drill now. That would have produced more real jobs than any of this stimulus crap. They wouldn't have had to raise any taxes and would have collected more just from more people being employed. But no, that was too simple.

Nina said...

Someone's been reading Atlas!

Who is John Galt?

I didnt' vote for him....I do agree we are heading towards socialism!

Auntie Em said...

Atlas Shrugged! Who knew it would be so prophetic.

Martha ~ xpetunia said...

Socialism indeed. Sigh. So glad my ex-fiance knew politics and "learned" me on what's REALLY going on (he was good for SOMETHING, LOL!). Otherwise I'd be a STUPID Obama follower myself. GASP!!!

Roselyn said...

I always thought socialism was a interesting political ideology. All the countries I ever contemplated about moving to were socialist. And the US has always had quite a few socialist leanings. Why are people acting like this is something new?

Auntie Em said...

Roselyn I don't know what leanings you think we've had here in the USA other than the out of control welfare system. But it is not something that is good for America. Socialism undermines individual responsibility, takes from those who work and gives to those who don't.

You can have socialism, I don't want anything to do with it.