Sunday, April 5, 2009

March Telephone Scraplift

What is a telephone scraplift you say? Remember the game you played as a kid, someone tells a secret to one person (whisper), that person whispers it to the next, so on and so on. Then you see how it has changed by the last person!!! So much for eyewitness accounts eh?

So our OSU group does the same with layouts. Our fearless leader Tara picks a layout, sends it to the first person in each group of 3. That person does her version and emails it back to Tara to send to next person on list. It's funny how sometimes it changes completely or sometimes stays the same. I especially like the ones that change completely then by the last person somehow comes back to the original, weird.

So this is my March, pics of "some" of my fav people, hoping to gets pics of the rest of my fav people in June!!!

TTT on top of course!

Wait till now to post this cause CHERE has not finished hers!!! (poor baby we are picking on her so bad). And yes, that is Commit2Paper March kit!


Jen said...

I REALLY like this!!!

Scrappy said...

So cute! I love the star tree!