Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Commit2Paper Jan09 kit

OH this months layout are a labor of love, believe you me. My computer died, my editing software is still not working properly, lost most of my pics (yeah I'm a dummy no recent backup), had major trouble reloading my printer software, UGH!!! My niece Kris came through at the last minute with pics I could use with this kit. It's kinda supposed to be winter related but we just don't have winter in Augusta so some are Christmas.

BUT I never did get a detailed picture of the kit but you can go here for details. It is a typically yummy group of papers from SEI with flocking! Already on the page so you don't have to mess with that icky stuff, love it!



Kris said...

Hi Auntie Em,
I love it! You always do such a great job. Glad I could help. Wish I could have sent more. Love you bunches! Kris

Scrappy said...

Love the Hi Dad LO! Great kit!

Jen said...

Love them!

Tricia said...

Love these - my favorite is "Hi Dad!" I love the sparkles and the way it looks like he is coming right up out of the paper here.