Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coinky Dink?

So last Thursday, I went to the local Chinese spot, ate too much and got my fortune cookie. Took it home but didn't eat it or read my fortune.

This weekend ("wait joyce you haven't finished telling us about the fortune", "don't worry I'll get back to that") Sheldon took me shopping for clothes for my birthday.

When I get home after putting them all away, I spy the fortune cook (see told ya). Open it up and it said:

You will get new clothes soon.

I'm serious!!!!


Jen said...

cool!!! I want one that says I'm going to make straight A's! See what you can do about that. LOL!!! ;)

Tara O said...

ROTF!!!!! That's hilarious.

Tricia said...

Too funny - you must have the Midas touch! You should scrap that fortune with the receipt for the clothes!

Geri said...

Wellllll, since you read it AFTER you went shopping, then that doesn't count. Tell Sheldon he needs to bring you AGAIN for the fortune!!! LOL