Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lots of catching up to do!

And I'm sure it'll take more than one post.

I have TWO Commit2Paper kits for you to peruse, both GAWGEOUS and one layout, of bits and pieces.

I'm really digging Glitz lately, and this has a very Romantic vibe without being all "oooo it's Valentines" cause it ain't. And I wish this was "touch" screen enabled cause the ribbon is very yummy!

Oh no! Just ignore the sock foot.... But don't you LOVE this Piggy Tales! We can use more Piggy Tales. Chinese New Year, it's just great!

And here is a layout that is a combination of LOTS of goodies, mostly two very important RAK's from my buddies Bobbie (the tatting) and Kylie (the butterfly & copper tag). Thank you SO MUCH, they were fun to work with. Course the tatting from Bobbie was ORANGE but I fixed that with Glimmer Mist!!! Also used some screens (from Robin) with GM for the background. Added pins from Maya Road (from Geri), felt ribbon, Petaloo flowers, Marrakesh brad, more bits and pieces from my stash.

So basically, after I was happy with the color of my hair, my darling husband got brave and he cut it for me! I think he did pretty good, put a lock of hair in the envie. Likey?


me said...

LOVE what you did with my RAK ~ I knew you would do it proud!!!


PS ~ great job, Sheldon!!!

Geri said...

Hey stranger!!! Long time no see! And yes, Sheldon did a great job on your hair... send him my way ... my highlights are now about 2 inches from my scalp ... tacky tacky tacky!!!!

Missus Wookie said...

Ya know I read that fast and thought you fixed your HAIR with glimmer mists... Congrats Sheldon for the cut and I like the colour of both the rak and the hair ;)

Marlene said...

Great hair cut, great color, great layout, what a day huh??!!!

Tricia said...

Sheldon could have a new career. Love the layout!

Geri said...

just rereading blogs... even those that are not up to date... although I won't call any names ... Love Ms Wookies comment about thinking you did your hair with glimmer mist... tooo funny! And what a great thought... maybe I could use some sparkle for the Christmas parties! Wonder how a screen would work to give me a nice little flourish. LMAO

Auntie Em said...

LOL!!! This is Geri being smart***!!!

Robin said...

Hey Friend!
I love your new hair ... awesome.
Cute LO.

Auntie Em said...

TTR I miss you!!!