Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Georgia Retreat Challenges!

Yes, there will be more to come, but just HAD to share our challenges Tara tortured us, er, treated us to! Great job ladies.


Handmade Flowers - three of us had already put these lovelies to use before the picture was made, but I think you get the idea. It may be the first time I've tried it!

Altered Board!! This was my FAVORITE! I'll be hanging this in my scrapbook room (or as soon as I move the hanger to the right side....).

Sketch Challenge - the original was a two-page sketch but some of us "squished" it into one page. All are great I think. How about you?

The challenges were fun! Normally I don't do challenges very well, but these had me scrapping more than I usually do at a crop.

It was AWESOME to actually meet Tara (our hostess with the mostest) and Ryann and of course to see Barbara again!!!! We will definitely do this again. Good eats, lots of chocolate, lots of movies, ice cream and no drama!

Ok ok, here's a few more pics:

Yep, TEN movies.


ladynurse4 said...

It was a blast. I loved seeing you again. And Yeah we really did watch ten movies!

Robin said...

I was sending really jealous thoughts about you all getting together. Wish it was almost any other weekend and I would have been there with bells on (well, maybe the bells could have stayed home).

Glad you all had fun. The layouts, flowers and altered projects look great!

Love ya all!

Tricia said...

All of your work looks amazing! Thanks for sharing these fun photos!

bobbie said...

Nice to see you posting again!

Missus Wookie said...

Nice to see you posting - and the weekend sounds so much fun. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

VanessaB said...

looked like a fun time had by all and wowee to all your projects. i really love those handmade half flowers- gotta try that! :)

Geri said...

Nice to see new layouts on your blog!!! Still a little green with envy that all yall were able to get together... love the homemade flowers... especially the one in the lower right

Auntie Em said...

And now that I'm back from Tara's, I see where the sketch came from. I might just have to join Back Porch Memories.