Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Secret Sister Time!

Oh I just LOVE teasing people about the goodies they will be receiving soon from their awesome secret sisters!!!!!

And this time around I'll be concentrating on Tara aka Queen Brat, Ruth (my Sis and SS-receiver last time) and Aleta, our eskimo!!! Plus helping Bobbie out with Barbara!!! Bobbie will also be helping me tease my ladies from time to time you betcha!

Already have a list for Tara! Oh those _____ _________ _____ that everyone was ooing and aahhhing over on the mb, along with some kewl ________. Oh but I'll get more detailed as the arrival of her goodies get closer. **IF** her SS can quit "oh wait I want that". Geez, I surprised anything is going in the box.... hehehehe.


bobbie said...

he, he, heh...

Aleta said...

thpppbbbbb! (that was me sticking my toungue out at you and spitting!)