Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You tube - don't bury your head in the sand

You have to see this one:


Martha ~ xpetunia said...

THANK YOU JOYCE! This is the same video I posted on my blog but the video got deleted - go figure!!! (eyes rolling) Anyway, gonna go add it to my blog too - you're right we mustn't bury our heads in the sand. Hugs!

Auntie Em said...

Awesome! Spread the word.

Just once I would like for them all, Dems (mostly) and a group of no-ball Republicans, that were involved in this since 1995 to stand up and say "we screwed up". Just once. Nancy Pelosi and her idiotic "the free market failed because of lack of regulation" - hey STUPID, who refused the regulation in the first place! That hypocritical biddie irritates me.

We could then kick them all out on their keisters.