Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bradford Beauty

I really need to take this picture again cause this looks soooo good IRL but this picture of it is crap! Anyway, I love this tree. Bradford Pears (non fruit bearing) were greatly overplanted in Georgia and a lot are having disease problems. They don't hold up well during ice storms so a lot of the ones you see in places like Atlanta have huge holes where entire limbs have broken off. This one is right behind the garage and before our fruit bearing pear tree so it's much more protected. I just hope it doesn't start messing with the foundation or it might have to go. So meantime, I am enjoying it. Every year it is more beautiful.

That leaf comes with the kit but I took it apart and still have lots more to use.


kT said...

oooh this is lovely!!!! (i didn't use the leaf)

Auntie Em said...

Thank you!

The leaf is a little hard to take apart without tearing up all the wrapping so take it easy if you do.