Sunday, June 7, 2009

June Commit2Paper kit!!!

October 2007 Scrapbooking Retreat & Coastline Jaunts

I could not believe I had this many unscrapped pics from my California trip in 2007! And I'm not done!

Took a different approach this month. Divided my pics up into 5 stacks (thinned them out as I went). On each stack I put cardstock, then pp. Put just those three things together on each page and then set aside. Then on each one I tossed what embellies I would use and stamps. Ended up not using any stamps, hmmmm, wish I had. Went through each putting embellies. Spread all five out one last time to see if I should add more, which I did (LOL) and then some penwork/journaling. Guess you'd call that assembly line scrapbooking.

Kinda like the way they turned out and I had TONS of paper left. Ended up with another layout, a double, may finish that and put here in a bit.



Tricia said...

Oh my goodness - that bubble gum wall - eeeewwww! Great LOs!

robin said...

LOL at the wall ... and love the diamond direction of the pp ... good job on all the LOs!

bobbie said...

Hey! We of the central coast are very proud of Bubblegum Alley!!
You took some great pix! I need that one of you and I in front of the Rock!

Tara O said...

Beautiful! I love the one "what can I say" This kit is so pretty! Good job Joyce.

Geri said...

Love the fresh colors in this kit! Great job working with it. You menioned wishing you had used stamps .... there is a thread for a stamp challenge at OSU... but no challenge --- go make your wish come true and see how many people you can take with you by creating a challenge. I was thinking about bringing some stamps to SA and hopefully make cards with the scraps... or incorporate them on some pages... we'll see!

ladynurse4 said...

very nice. love the transparencies. great job with the diamond shape.