Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fuzzy Butt Productions presents....

Princess and the Star!!! Hope this works, just got a new camera and Sheldon discovered the video mode.

Yes that is Patches being her Princessy self, totally ignoring all around her... until she wants something.

And Star - look at his eyes when he looks directly at the camera! AWESOME!!!

I would take a video of Yoda... but he moves so very little, well, you'd think it was a still and I KNOW you've seen enough of those LOL!


bobbie said...

Sub-title ~ "how to be ROYALLY ignored by a Cat"!!!

And Star is a darling!

Hi, Sheldon!

Geri said...

LOL... the morning grooming ritual

Tricia said...

They are so pretty.

Tara O said...

Great job ignoring miss kitty-LOL