Saturday, January 24, 2009

Commit2Paper Feb09 Kit!!!

This is completely different than anything we had before. Look closely at the six sheets along the top, they have shaped edges! That is front and back views, these are Prima papers. Love these, you can do Valentine's, a masculine Valentine (how many times do you get to do that) or vintagy layouts. I can see school layouts and with the red white and blue cardstock I can see some Fourth of July, Memorial Day!

Lots of ideas for these, infact I am working on a layout of my niece and her boys and I'm having to do TWO of it cause she is coming to visit tomorrow and I know one will leave with her! Plus I have a 12x12 frame to put it in. Back later with a pic of that. Meanwhile, drool at this:


Geri said...

you hussy!
I still have a couple weeks till I get mine.

Auntie Em said...

LOL!!!! You'll love it!