Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wheeee I'm on a roll!

Have five layouts spread across my table, all the pieces, pictures printing as I type, now the fun part, putting all the pieces together and deciding at what point to STOP!!! LOL

Oh and shoot I just realized I have the C2P kit all cut up before I took a pic of the kit itself! OH NO. I'll see if I can bum a file from someone to post here. You can click on

to see it too!

Back later....

Thanks to Amy, here's a pic of the unadulterated kit:

I've tried something different this time, went through the papers, pulled a couple sketches out and went to cutting and pasting BEFORE getting my pics all pulled together. And with two layouts down, this is actually working out pretty well!!! They look great and are in a different feel than my usual.

back later again


amy said...

its on the site. you can steal the photo from there.

bobbie said...

I can't wait to see these LO's!! What made you decide to go backwards?

Scraptab said...

Sounds like you are having a blast!