Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Da Birds

I've been taking several pictures of this layout and can't seem to get it right, will try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, I embossed two pieces of the gray cs with a leaf vein pattern, then smeared Inkabilities over it, it's a little more smudgy than I would like. I took pics of all the signs at the zoo so I'd remember what these critters were and I thought well why not put "signs" on my layouts! So I cut them out, stuck on a "pole". Added some bling and silver ribbon, altered the letters with a yellow souffle pen.

Okay, this picture might be a little better, at least the color is.


Scrappy said...

Purty! When you come to Phx I will take you to the Phx zoo. It is like top five in the nation and I have free passes!

kT said...

this is LOVELY!