Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mental Block and Loss of Mojo

How many times have we heard that? How many times have we SAID it? During 2007 I had set myself goals of joining a bunch of swaps, getting on another Design Team or two, doing some scrapping for hire and just generally setting myself up for a fall!!!

Sure enough, I got behind on swaps, started stressing out, which killed my mojo pretty much keeping me from doing the very thing I needed to do to get caught up! And instead of scrapping what I wanted, I was doing what I thought "the masses" wanted to see with the kits I was working with.

I'm not sure how much longer my sanity would have survived if something awful hadn't happened. And what was that? I was turned down for DT on ScrapGoods. Oh my, was I ever upset!!!! Sheldon was worried, Bobbie was worried, Kylie was worried. Heck "I" was worried. SNAP out of it!

Well, that gave me a bit of time to get caught up on swapping commitments.

What is this? I can breathe? I have time? Hey, I can scrap what I want to!!!! What a concept! Only one commitment to my beloved Commit2Paper. I can handle that! And no more swaps for awhile, well except for the Round Robin ATC but that is one little atc, no biggy, and I do love atcs.

It's amazing! How many times have I said careful what you wish for! Now I can say without a doubt, I am SOOOOO glad I did NOT make that design team. Love SG, but with all those new things I see the very talented ladies doing every week, no thanks, don't need that pressure. I am back to scrapping for me (and a little for Amy). And that's another funny, the C2P kits have been so different that I find myself actually scrapping the pics I want to anyway!

Well in case anyone was wondering about my mind set lately: I am okee dokee fine!

With that said, lookee! Loved playing with the inks and yeah I know I've already scrapped that pic, tough.


amy said...

isnt it amazing to scrap just for yourself again? i am telling you, i absolutely love it.

you cant get to 250+ in 8 months and not be loving it!

bobbie said...


Auntie Em said...

Wow 250!!! That is amazing. You are my hero!

Kylie said...

So glad that you've had this revelation and that you're enjoying scrapping again!!!! And I love seeing pictures of me on your blog even more.

Craig said...

Love the fireworks page with the flag and the sparklers page. Yay for my photos!!!! My wife hasn't scraped any of them yet - lazy bum.

Scrappy said...

Craig! ROTFLMAO! I must be a lazy bum to because I have not scrapped the fourth o July pictures either!

Auntie Em said...

OH amazing, I'm actually ahead of everyone for a change. And I do believe this is a first, a scrubby posting to a sb blog!!!

Hi Craig!

More coming up...

Ruth said...

So happy you are happy now!!! Love the LO ;-)